We understand buildings.
The future of integrated, digital building technology.

With over 4900 employees at more than 90 locations, Alpiq InTec is Switzerland’s leading company for building technology and facility management. We have comprehensive expertise in implementing integrated, cross-trade and multitec solutions across all disciplines.

We understand the Internet of Things (IoT).

Working together with our partners, we have set up the Digital Building platform to facilitate a number of digital applications. This has already seen us digitalise lighting technology and expand its range of potential uses as part of an initial step.

For example, lights installed in the Digital Building incorporate LED technology and are powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, rendering traditional cables and wires obsolete. These LED lights are also equipped with cutting-edge sensors which transmit data (for example brightness, temperature, movement, etc.) and enable different building technology systems to communicate. These data are fed into the building’s network without any interruptions in the system and can be used for monitoring and control purposes. Combined with collaboration tools (for example videoconferencing systems) these data enable a personalised user experience. 

What are the next steps?

This is just the beginning. The next stage will be to incorporate additional components, devices and applications into the Digital Building – applications to help you gain a better understanding of the nature of your building, how much energy it consumes and the behaviour patterns of the people using it, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

For example, sensors can be integrated into the lighting system which communicate with the heating and air-conditioning systems to ensure the ideal temperature and brightness for each room. Meanwhile, the Digital Ceiling is able to recognise the number of people in a room in real time and adjust the room temperature accordingly.

What is our motivation?

We strive to provide innovative services that offer significant benefits to our customers. We believe that technology has reached a point where all the resources in a building that would typically be separate and connected to their own individual networks can now be integrated into one, IP-based network. This is the fundamental idea behind the Digital Building. Combining an increasing number of terminals and functionalities in a building in a single network paves the way for new experiences and possibilities that extend far beyond any current solution. As well making buildings more user-friendly, the Digital Building also functions as an important tool which allows building owners and companies to gain a better understanding of how their buildings are used.

Alpiq InTec is better equipped than any other provider to integrate these new technologies into buildings; with multitec, we are able to provide our customers with unique, cross-trade solutions and offer everything from a single source. 

We understand buildings – and we understand the Digital Building.

Experience the Digital Building live.

We have set up a Smart Room which is available to view now. We would be delighted to introduce the Digital Building to you and demonstrate its full range of applications in person.